Bitcoin Spiked $20K While MATIC Jumps

Bitcoin finally initiated a leg up that culminated in a price jump towards $20,000 but was stopped in its tracks as with previous attempts. MATIC has presented the most substantial price increase from the larger-cap alts, while XRP sits in the red. BTC With a Minor Jump The most substantial price movement last week came when BTC was rejected at $19,500, and the bears took it south to $18,600.
This became the lowest price point in about nine days. However, the asset reacted well to this drop and bounced off to over $19,000. As the weekend came, BTC calmed once more, similar to the previous one. The lack of significant trading volumes meant little-to-no movements during the entire weekend, and bitcoin stood at $19,000. The landscape started to change early Monday when BTC pumped to $19,600 for the first time in days.
But, the scenario repeated once more – meaning a new rejection that pushed it back down to just over $19,000. Its market capitalization has touched $370 billion, and its dominance over the altcoins has remained at 39.9%, just like yesterday.